Friday, April 5, 2013


After 2 weeks since I last ran, I got out today and went further. I did a 5k, actually a touch over, and was glad I did. I run too little when I run and doing the 4 miles in Bellevue, which didn't killed me, reminded me I can and should do more.

This was slow, but not as horrible as I might have thought. I was tired, trying to baby the knee a little, and still was under 30, which was good.

Glad to be back running after a layoff. The knee has been sore, which I think is mostly volleyball, but also some late season skiing. I can't decide if I should run more steadily to keep strength up or less to let it heal. Hard decisions all the time.

I need to get it checked out. After talking with my brother and him looking at it, I think I should get some examination, perhaps PT, but worried about doing much more, especially with Western medicine.

I also think I'm getting a little heavy. Not a lot, but a little, and some of that is switching activity, and slowing down a bit on exercise, combined with a crappy diet. Need to work on both of those.

Today was a good run, from downtown Omaha out across the bridge to Iowa and back. A cool, windy, but not too unpleasant cloudy day. After flying and working a bit, I was itching to get outside and glad I did.

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