Friday, April 26, 2013


It's flat, and it looks like an older town. There are the modern day stores and chains I see everywhere, but it feels like an older town.

I stopped by the visitor center and asked what there was to do. The "flood" was the first thing out of the young lady's mouth, with the Red River well above normal levels, and flood gates closed and people worried.

The girl told me her high school had flooded 5 or 6 years ago and was closed for 4 months. They had a month off from school while arrangements were being made for another location.
When I arrived at the airport, which is tiny, I found a neat display at baggage claim. What I'd expect if Elizabeth had an airport. The airport was so small, just a few gates, I'm surprised they had jetways.

At least I got a nice ride, a G35.

I like it, but the acceleration isn't smooth. Someone should have worked on the tranny shift points more.

After seeing the river, I stopped by a local sub shop:

Just the name, and old style brick building drew me in. It was a nice place, and I had a great chicken pesto sub.

I swung by the Maris museum, which I didn't know was here. Not much there, in a mall, but neat to see some memorabilia, stats, and info about an iconic baseball player.

And I got to see the wood chipper :)_

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