Monday, April 1, 2013

Printed Guns

Fascinating documentary: Click, Print, Gun.

This will probably scare some people, cause some to cheer, amaze others, and likely even more reactions I can’t conceive of. While I find this to be slightly disturbing (3-D printed bombs when metal printers are available?), I do fundamentally agree that this will likely reduce lots of the gun debate. Or perhaps it will change it to an ammunition debate, but will casting bullets be illegal?

I overall feel that the idea of normal citizens having automatic weapons is a bad idea. I foresee more mistakes and escalations of issues if this happens. By the same token, I find the idea of open carry to be disturbing, mostly because it feels like brandishment to me.

However I do think the right of people to own firearms, absent some strong reason like mental illness, legal issue, or felony conviction, is one we have and should not be limited by the government.

That being said, restrictions that slow the process down, like a waiting period or background check, do not appear to infringe substantially on my rights.

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