Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book #15 - Political Suicide

The second Michael Palmer book. I think this one was written first, but in any case, it's another ride for Dr. Lou Welcome in Political Suicide. In this one a friend calls him, having just left the house of a Congressman who was dead. The friend suspects he'll be arrested, and asks for Lou's help.

Combine this with a rouge army unit, and Welcome's inability to reign in his impulses and it's a wild ride. Not as unbelievable as the other book I read, but close. Some coincidences, some close scrapes and situations that are too tight.

Not sure I'll do another, as the writing is still missing something. It lacks some character depth or plot structure and seems like too scatter-shot as well, moving through scenes, getting focused on Welcome and ignoring his friend's lawyer, despite her large part of the story. I'm not quite sure  what I don't love, but I don't love the writing.

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