Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Self-induced punishment

A hard night and morning in Vegas. I had dinner with a few friends I've been trying to get up with for a few years. We keep missing each other and finally had the chance to sit down last night and chat over dinner. Afterwards they invited me back to their suite for a few more drinks.

We were at the MGM, and apparently they were upgraded to the "Mansion", which is a side complex, with no signs off the casino. It's a private area, that has a few casino rooms and a private dining room you pass (along with 2 guards) before you reach an open garden area. It's somewhat amazing how opulent things are in Vegas. I can't even be sure where this is on the MGM property as it's a covered garden that had to be 100-150ft square. It was surrounded by balconies and 3 story buildings, with a private pool at one end.

We rode up to their second story suite, which was amazing. It was an apartment, easily 2000 sq feet, maybe more. A small kitchen where a butler would come in at times. Two large bedrooms, with large bathrooms, a guest half bath off the hallway, a dining room, and a sitting room. Oh yeah, a study as well. All done in some classical, Renaissance style, almost like an Italian villa style.

Crazy. Not something I'd aspire to, but nevertheless I'm amazed by. We sat around chatting, drinking wine, and laughing about life until midnight or so. I stumbled out with another friend, managing to get back to Elara without banging into anything. Lots of water on the way (I bought a couple bottles), and aspirin overnight, but I was hurting when I awoke today.

I dragged myself to the gym and sweated on the elliptical. After packing up, I walked back to the conference. Breakfast and coffee had me starting to feel normal. Not something I want to do often, or perhaps ever, but a very memorable and enjoyable night.

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