Friday, April 12, 2013

Active, but Tired

Volleyball last night was tough. Tia and I headed down for our rec league match, against the undefeated team.We had almost all our team, except the setter. That's tough, and we ended up playing with multiple setters the first game. We won, but it was a tough game, with lots of movement by everyone to win points.

Somehow we fell apart in the second game, but we roared back and dominated the third game. It was a tough night, and I felt like I worked hard.

Afterwards we headed down to the church for a couple hours of late night pick up. That was even harder, and I felt like I was diving around the floor quite a bit. I hit the ground hard a few times, and I definitely was jumping too much. The right knee was sore afterwards.

As was my left arm, but I had a couple really good hits that felt good during the game. I really hit a few hard, and was glad my timing is getting better. All in all it was worth it, and I'm glad I work at home. After getting the kids to school I had to come home and sleep a couple more hours.

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