Monday, April 8, 2013

Elara in Vegas

I'd booked a room at Elara in Vegas, even though the conference I was speaking at was located in the MGM. Elara is a Hilton property, and I've never stayed there, but getting the points might be good for family vacations this year. It was an easy trip from Denver and a quick cab ride over.

Elara is a tall, thin building just off the strip. I ended up on the 16th floor, and was slightly stunned when I walked in the room. The living area had floor to ceiling windows and the sliding shade was rising up. It was impressive.

Standing at the windows, here's the view of first room.

and the second room, where I slept. A large bathroom in the back as well as a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom.

I went out immediately to Burgr, a Gordon Ramsey spot, with a a friend. It was good, and fancy, but not something I might pick again, I do have to say the fries were very good. Afterwards I headed back to my room to rehearse talks and get a little work done. As I was watching the basketball game I looked up and noticed a projector in the ceiling. Hmmm. After reading the room manual, I ended up working with a 10 foot basketball game playing in the background. I enjoyed that.

I even had a full kitchen, with a real fridge, which was somewhat wasted on me, though I did get fresh water.

This might be one of the nicest rooms I've ever stayed in. I'll be looking at Elara again in the future.

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