Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleeping In

Delaney is still fighting some cold, and a little run down. He was cranky last night and under some pressure with a few tests coming up after missing 3 days last week (plus a snow day). He brought his cello home last night, and practiced, but is just worn out.

So I let him sleep in an extra couple hours and then took him to school, signing him in late, and hopefully he’ll catch up a bit. Thinking we might need to skip Scouts tonight to give him a little more of a break and get him to bed early.


But first, a good breakfast. Here’s my setup to get him the first meal of the day. I used to do this a lot last year, but this year he’s been asking for bagels most days and not eating them. Good to get him back to a big breakfast to face the day.

After dropping him off, I brought Tia a treat as well


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