Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Pa Out

I listened all day on the radio as various people debated the scandal at Penn State involving sexual abuse. As I heard various opinions, I kept thinking that to allow the coach to continue on for the rest of the year, even if he is not legally guilty, would be a mistake. I'm glad the board of trustees agreed and removed him tonight.

We all have to be guided by our moral compass, and when we see something going wrong, especially with kids, we need to stand up more. I'm not sure I've always done this, but I'd hope that I would in the case of child abuse. I think about it at times, especially as the Boy Scouts are so careful about child protection, and am careful to both watch for signs from other leaders, as well as be careful about putting myself in an improper situation.

Joe Paterno reported the situation to his superiors, but he didn't do enough. He didn't ensure the authorities investigated, or investigated himself. He didn't prevent future potential problem situations, and he did the bare minimum required by law. That's not enough, and while he has been an amazing icon in college football, he doesn't deserve to continue the rest of this year.

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