Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cold, but good chores

It was really nice to wake up in my own bed, rested, with nice soft sheets around me, I fell asleep watching a movie with Tia last night and woke up nice and rested this morning, ready for chores.
My first stop was to get Tia's keys and take her new truck to the gas station for coffee.

And tires. There's a motorcycle/car tire place next to the gas station and they have tons of old ties out back that they give away. The tarp over the hay was blowing a little loose, so I grabbed 10 more ties and brought them back.

It's cold and windy today. Somewhere in the 40s, but chilly, even with the sun shining. I had a jacket and hat, but it was cold and I needed some breaks as I tied some rope together to stretch across the hay bales the long way, about 30-35ft. On each end, I tied a tire to hold down the tarps on the long sides, then with a break in the barn to get warm, it was back out to repeat the process again. The rest of the tires got thrown on top and it looks like we have things fairly well secured for now.

Cold, not pleasant work, but it's work. And I feel good getting something physical accomplished.

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