Friday, November 18, 2011

The Woodworking Show

I managed to find a little time today to hit the Woodworking Shows today, taking the day off. A later start than I wanted, but the show was smaller, so it wasn’t  a big deal. So after a nice easy jog with Tia, I headed north of Denver to the show.

I’ve been twice before and then missed two years with a busy schedule this time of year. I enjoy going, getting inspired by seeing what people create out of wood, and hopefully motivated to actually do something in my own shop. This year there were less vendors, and a few I’ve gone to watch to see tricks and tips from, like Incra, weren’t even there.

However I did see some neat things. A few tips on using a jointer, some cabinet tips from the Kreg vendor, and I saw a bandsaw guy make a great box in about 3 minutes. Makes me think that I ought to be able to do one myself in 3 hours.

I ended up watching some of the dovetail/joinery guys, and decided to spend a little money and get a jig set with a pin router bit for making boxes. I’ve been wanting to try that and I see them each time I go and they make it look easy. Now I’ve got a kit, and hopefully I’ll get something built.

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