Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Casual Day

Daylight Savings time kicked in, so my 9am wakeup was actually an 8am one in real time. Tia and I lay around a bit, relaxing with Kendall out at a friend's for a sleepover. Eventually we got up and went to breakfast with a silly Delaney that enjoyed hanging out with his parents.

After a nice IHOP meal, we picked up Kendall and then went to Home Depot, grabbing a generator that we'll use while camping and to power lights in the arena. I was worried about a 2k one, so we ended up grabbing a 3.5kv gas generator from Lowe's (out of stock at Home Depot). The plan was to come home and hook up some lights, but the day got away from us. A stop by GrandDad's and then Tia had a lesson to give.

The kids and I had fun, going back out to play some tennis. We got a nice hour of volleys and exercises before Kendall chased a ball that was leaving the court and stepped on a protruding eye bolt. She rolled her ankle and she could limp, but I brought her home. As soon as I saw her step funny, I knew what had happened, and I knew it would hurt.

So she got a slushy and lay in bed, I went for a run, Delaney doing homework while Tia does horse stuff. Delaney wants to see Tower Heist, after Tia and I told him about it from Fri, so I'll take him in a bit to close out the weekend.

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