Monday, November 7, 2011

Another 4-0 football weekend

Not betting, but in the teams I love/hate. Or root for/against. The two teams I look to win every week, the Broncos and Cowboys both won. The two teams I hope lose, the Redskins and Patriots, both lost. Big smile for me.

I stayed up late last night after Tia fell asleep watching the Broncos game, and I was impressed. Granted, the Raiders were without McFadden, which I think makes a big difference, and the defense still have up some good runs, but they also swarmed and blocked lanes well in a number of other plays, had some good pass defense, a decent rush, not great, but OK, and they seemed improved.

The offense was also better. I don’t think Tebow looked great, but he had some better throws (and still some really bad ones) and ran more effectively, better play calling, and I think they can make a serviceable QB out of him. He needs a lot of talent around him, but a good rushing, pounding attack by the Broncos. I’d be curious how they might do against the Jets with that type of attack.

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