Monday, November 28, 2011

A Four Project Shopping Trip

Yesterday Tia left early with Kendall to go visit a friend out on the Eastern plains. With Delaney and a friend sleeping in, I left the house and headed into town, intending to get a few supplies at Home Depot and/or Murdoch’s for various projects. I was hoping to get a gate hung, another one set in posts, and also look at pricing for wiring the arena. I got a few things done, and then ended up getting supplies for these projects:

  • Hang existing gate
  • Set new gate posts in the ground
  • Volleyball posts for Kendall to practice
  • Easel for Kendall

I got home and then worked on these projects:

  • Hang existing gate
  • Set new gate posts in the ground (1 of 2)
  • Kickboards for the arena

I thought I had 2-3 bags of cement at the house, and got home to find none, so I was semi-stymied in my efforts. I got gate 1 hung, which has been on the list for six months. The generator and a new drill helped me get that one done.

After that, I dug the holes with the auger for the other posts (after Tia spotted them for me), I was done with that since I didn’t have any cement. That also killed any chance to work on volleyball posts.

So I moved on. Tia has been thinking of kickboards around the arena, and I had a few 2x4s around to work with, so I dragged them to the arena, along with some OSB, a saw, drill, and some strapping. I braces the OSB together with 2x4s set in them, and then strapped them to the steel frames.

Photo Nov 27, 4 45 22 PM

I ended up putting up 3 boards, 24ft, to see how they looked and they were fine. Tia liked them, and so now I have a major project, about 360’ or so of kickboards around the arena.

Photo Nov 27, 4 45 17 PM

I did pick up some cement today and I can work on the posts tonight or tomorrow.

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