Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I Want in a Candidate?

What I want in a candidate?
- Nuclear power.
- No more drilling until oil companies use their leases.
- All US citizens get to buy into Federal health care
- No changes in benefits for Congress without a ballot
- Digital rights for people, expand fair use for non-commerial purposes
- Drive the transportation industry forward to use alternative energy somehow
- Every person in the US serves the country for 2 years. Military, civil service, peace corp, whatever, but they do this between 18-22.
- Tort reform, limit class actions, limit legal fees.
- CEO pay reform (or executive pay reform)
- Get the @#$@@ out of Iraq
- Free trade agreements with more countries, reducing their limitations.
- Balance the budget
- Election reform, set limits on fundraising, extra funds go to the deficit, not the candidate, term limits, something reasonable like 3 terms Senate, 5 House.
- Zero based laws, pass one, remove one.
- PE in school every single day.

Probably more, but I'm getting tired.

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