Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rays are in!

I'll admit I was worried. I'd been hoping they'd sweep Boston after taking the first two in Boston, but then thought Boston might pull one out after winning the third with that comeback.

Last night I was watching the 8th inning, just hoping that Ortiz would hit into a double play. He didn't, but they got out of it and then I had to turn it off in the ninth because of a sick girl. I taped it and so I'll try to watch it today after my run. Now I'm rooting for the Rays. They've never been there, they're in a better place than the Rockies were last year and so I'm hoping they pull it out.

The Cowboys are a mess. Romo makes a big difference and it's good to see that since I wasn't completely sold on him, but more I think their defense is the big problem. Ever since the opening game against Philly, who I don't consider to have a great scoring defense, they haven't been able to stop anyone. It seems to me that apart from Ware, they line isn't great, the secondary is slow, and they don't play well together.

Right now I think that Buffalo looks good, though I want to see them against New England. Not that NE is a big test, but psychologically it will be. They have a soft schedule, so they should lead the AFC.The next 4 weeks will be interesting for Tennessee as well. They'll be tough, or should be with Indy, GB, Jacksonville in there.

Indy doesn't look great on defense and I'm concerned they couldn't score on GB. Denver is up in the air, but it appears the the Chargers want to give them the division and Pitt is tough. right now I'd say Buff #1, Pitt #2, Tenn #3 for the AFC.

In the NFC it's the Giants that appear to be the best, but I think Wash is pretty good. They've been susceptible to mistakes and they've had some luck, so I think that GB and Chi might be next in line to the Giants. The South and West have been too inconsistent. So my picks now are NYG, GB, Chi, Wash

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