Friday, October 17, 2008

Old Taxes

Apparently taxes aren't put to bed yet, at least not for the immediate time. We got a collections notice a few months ago from the Commonwealth of Virginia. I called them and it turns out that our 1998 taxes had a difference from the IRS.

That's 1998! So much for seven years and from what I saw in a search on the Virginia site, amounts owed last forever. No statute of limitations.

I called Virginia and they said there was a difference between what we filed and what the IRS sent them. Why it's coming up now I have no idea, but apparently it is. Luckily I had the 1998 taxes, so I copied them and sent a copy to the Department of Taxation in Virginia.

I get a letter the other day that they need a "transcript" from the IRS, not the tax return I have. So I go through automated system heck this morning with the IRS and the system says they don't have 1998 taxes. It could be a glitch, so I'm thinking I'll just send the form in, but in the meantime I called Virginia.

They say the IRS only has one dependent listed. So they look around and say they'll bump it to a supervisor, but that won't be until Monday. So I'm stuck waiting until next week to deal with this.

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