Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Kid Day

For the most part it's been a kid day. First we had the football fiasco with the wrong time. So I drove to Elizabeth, didn't play, then picked up feed for Tia and came home. I got to run and then an hour later we drove back to Elizabeth to let Delaney play.

His team did better, and down 13-12 at halftime, they came back to win 25-13. No great plays, but they played hard and stopped the other team on defense. Delaney didn't do a lot, but he blocked OK, he sealed the outside on defense and was kind of cringing as someone got close. Luckily his teammates caught the guy and tacked him. He also freaked a little on a receiving team, but when his team scored he was excited and ran down there to congratulate the kid.

Afterwards they had a small celebration at Sonic. They still have a party, and their coach was saying that they could practice next week and he'd try to have them a game, but a few parents said they weren't coming and I'm not sure Delaney should. I'll be gone and I don't really trust the coach to keep kids safe. He threw a pass at a kid today way too hard. I had to say something to him, as I thought it was way out of line.

In any case, on the way home Delaney fell asleep and then we saw the school packed with cars. Kendall realized it was Trick-or-Treat street, so we ran home, let her change, let Delaney stay home and went back to spent 90 minutes of her walking around getting candy and playing in the gym on the jumpy stuff.

I finally got home around 4:30, a friend here for me and we chatted a bit before he headed home. Then a beer, some homemade guacamole I made, and I'm ready to call it a day.

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