Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making a Lid

When I got home, it was just the boys at home. As soon as I walked in, Delaney gave me a hug and then asked if we could make a lid for his project at school. He had a large can that he's putting things inside, and he wanted a lid.

So we measured some space and went to the garage. I cut a semi-round piece of wood and then we put it on the lathe. I rounded it and then let Delaney try to cut it. He did OK for a few minutes with my guiding him, but as soon as I let go he didn't keep his hand on the guard and caught the edge, giving him a little pinch on his fingers.

He decided that holding the vacuum hose was much better and we got a lid turned. I started to cut another smaller piece to glue on top as a handle, but then got the idea to make a pseudo-book to glue on top. I took both to Delaney and he thought the book would be a good artifact for inside and to use the round lid as the handle. So I glued them, sprayed a little paint, and called it quits.

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