Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I found this book, and this series, after Amazon recommended them to me because I'd gone thorough Old Man's War and The Lost Colony. I wasn’t sure from the description if I’d like it, but I grabbed a sample on the Kindle and let it sit there for a few weeks.

I finally went through it and got hooked after surviving the first few pages of setting up the scene. I realize now I should have slowed down and enjoyed those first words.

Black Jack Geary was one of the first captains to fight in the war between the Alliance (our good guy humans) and the Sydics, or Sydicated Worlds, a corporate like group that enslaves planets and people. He managed to get a convoy through an attack, saved other ships and remained behind, only to have his ship destroyed and he was killed.


He managed to eject in an escape pod, which all ships have, and he remained frozen in there for 100 years until he was found by an Alliance fleet. The book opens with Geary summoned to the bridge of the flagship. The admiral is surrounded and is taking all flag officers to negotiate surrender with the Sydics. He puts Geary in charge of the fleet, expecting to be back soon.

When he’s executed along with other officers, Geary has to assume command. He’s a legend and much of the modern fleet’s thoughts, attitudes, and actions are based on his legend and what they know of it. He has many admirers, but just as many captains that are reluctant to follow him. His first action, getting the fleet away from the invasion force is resisted, but they follow and he escapes with the fleet, heading away from the Sydic homeworlds

It’s a great story, reminding me of The Lost Colony in that there’s relatively little action and a lot of interacting with people, trying to lead and convince people of why he does things. We see a lot of Geary’s internal thoughts and struggles and I really enjoyed it.

My only complaint is the book ends after their second light speed jump, still far from home, and it ended abruptly. I thought my Kindle had frozen at first since it wouldn’t go to the next page. Then I realized it was done and immediately bought books 2, 3, and 4 of this series.

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