Friday, October 17, 2008

Moving the Blog

I've been starting to use more offline tools, want to save drafts, get feeds and more. So over the last month or two I've been looking at trying to upgrade the blogging engine at to something else, but there hasn't been a simple solution. In fact, there hasn't been one that I really liked or thought I could put in without a lot of work.

I've set up a couple blogs on Blogger (The Daily Runner and Contact Hitting in Business) for a few subjects that I've wanted to keep track of. I also had one on Live Spaces for Energy, but I'm not thrilled with Live. As a matter of fact, I think that blog is moving over here ASAP.

Finally today, in trying to create some links, I decided to just move the dkranch blog to Blogger. It works well, it has Adsense so I can try to offset some of the costs of doing things, supplement my Amazon habit, etc. I looked at Wordpress and Typepad, and wouldn't mind trying them, but it's hard to justify paying for their services and this is a great loss leader for Google. Plus it just works better.

So I'm updating the dkRanch to come over here, eventually I might update the code there to read this feed, but for now, since that's in ASP and not ASPX, I'm leaving it alone.

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