Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volleyball Practice

Yesterday I took Kendall to volleyball practice. The girls started to warm up and one of the coaches was a little angry, yelling more than usual, pressing them to work hard. After about 20 minutes, he said he was done and they weren't looking good.

And they were leaving for ice cream. I wish I'd recorded video because the girls faces went from being a little timid to very excited.

It was an act. The coach had bet them awhile back if they could win a game in a tournament and not let the opponent score 10 points, he'd take them for ice cream. They did, and yesterday was the day. He'd emailed parents on Tuesday, so we knew, but kept quiet.

As a result, the kids had gun, but it was a bit of a bust for practice. We got home a little early, 7ish, and Kendall wanted more practice. We did some in the front yard, but the sun went down, it was a little chilly, and we called it after about 20 minutes. However I told her I'd do more today.

Sure enough, she got home and then went upstairs to change, coming back to my office shortly and asking if we were going into the arena to practice. We did, and had about 30 minutes of passing and hitting with each other. Fun, and I wish we could play tonight, but I'm tired, and she has a test tomorrow.

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