Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book #19 - The Detachment

The modern John Rain novel, the Detachment has Rain back in Tokyo, years later. He's broken up with Delilah and is training at the Kodokan. When two CIA operators tail him, he kills them, unaware that there were four people sent to contact him and hire him and Dox. The other two are former ISA (a CIA like entity) operators under the control of Col Horton, who convinces Rain to help him. He's trying to prevent a coup in America.

It's a neat story, and a little scary. As expected, there are twists and then twists again. The book walks back on itself and keeps you guessing, just as Rain does. It's almost like a gathering of some great characters, with an exciting finish. I hope there are more, though Rain is getting older.

Read the others first, and then enjoy this one.

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