Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blood Work

Back to yoga today, which felt good. It's been over a week and with travel, I needed a good, hard workout that moved slow. This was just what I wanted, with a new teacher, lots of flow, and sweat. A good workout. I'm going to miss yoga when I'm healing, and hopefully I'm not out too long.

Afterwards I swung by the doctor's office since they needed to draw blood. They weren't sure last week and didn't do it, but called to say I needed to get in there. So I did.

I managed to not pass out, though I was breathing slowly and deeply, with my heart rate increasing and a little wooziness. I don't like needles. I only glanced at my arm a couple times, mostly because it was going slow. I'm sure it was a minute, but it felt like 10 while the tube slowly filled.

At least I'm done for now.


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