Monday, April 21, 2014


Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had planned to get up early and move, but ended up having a lazy start to the day. That was fine because today I'm glad I didn't start earlier.

First I went out and worked on the sprinklers for my shrubs and tree. Only one left, and I replaced a few of the drips with some sprinkler heads on tiny stakes. I tested that and got those all working, getting lots of water spread to the various plants. Hopefully they'll grow and prosper this year.

Next I put up a bit of snow fence around them. One side has seemed more windblown from them, so adding in some fencing should protect them. It wasn't overly hard, or even that time consuming, but it ended up having me go back and forth a bit, and stand up and reach down a lot. Once that was done, I was looking for more projects.

I thought about cleaning the garden area, but I need to flatten down some grass and the weed whacker wasn't working, so I left that alone. Next I was going to turn on the sprinklers, but the dog area stunk, so I spent 30 min cleaning out the manure, which I'm sure didn't help my back.

I did take a break then, which I needed. After a little lunch, I was back at it, turning on the sprinklers for the year. It's probably time and I found 3 broken heads and one loose one. More work to do this week to try and get those working, but I was overall pleased that things were in good shape from the winter.

I had planned on getting out in my car and tried to jump it, but it was resistant to starting and the battery was dead, so I stopped, giving the portable jump device an overnight to charge. I did start working on another feeder, and my back was tired and tight at this point, so I was happy to knock off and get ready for dinner.

Today it's tight and sore, aching a bit. Pilates was tough, and I am looking forward to laying down tonight and resting.

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