Thursday, April 3, 2014

Check Up

The first step to surgery was the pre-op visit. The sugeon met with me, explained what he'd do and why and everything sounds good. A fairly simple ACL using a cadaver tendon as a bridge. He's drilling through and using an endobutton to hold the top in.
He'll use some type of coral based bio-absorb-able substance to anchor the bottom and he said I'd be in a brace that night, but able to bear weight if needed. Should be walking within a week and then PT with most sports inside 3-6 months with a brace.

He did suggest I give up running. He said it's good for his business, but he says I can do better longer if I avoid the constant running. I'll have to think on it, but Tia and I are considering it. Maybe the best thing for long health is to move to more elliptical and biking.

In any case, now a week away from my physical check and then 3 weeks from surgery.

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