Saturday, March 26, 2011

Volleyball 2/3

Kendall had volleyball this morning. It was her second game, at an early 9am, and down in Castle Rock. After date night last night, getting up at 7:30am wasn’t what we wanted, but we managed to get the little ones up along with Kendall’s friend and head down.

It’s amazing to see the girls progressing. We only have 3 girls from last season, but everyone seems a little more mature and skilled. Still a lot of standing around, but a little more movement, and definitely more talent in bumping the ball over the net. Kendall had some good bumps, and some good dives or attempts that didn’t’ work, but showed a lot of effort.

They won the last two games after losing the first one and played well overall. Tia got really excited as they closed in on both wins. I was excited, but managed not to get too verbal about it after learning some lessons with the boys.

A good morning, even though it was really early.

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