Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Start of Baseball

I've had three practices, but today felt like the start of the season. We scrimmaged the Stars today, which has a number of guys I like on the team. I headed over a touch late, arriving just in time for infield/outfield, and had to warm up before the game. We played like a real game, except no umpires, though we didn't keep score. I think it was a close one, both of us having good innings where we cleared the bases at least once.

My back was a little sore after all the up and down with painting and trying to get a target finished for Kendall, so I just played third, electing not to do any quick twists that might tighten it up. That was fine with me as I would have seen the 322 fence and tried to swing hard.

I missed a grounder in the 2nd or 3rd that was to my left.  I managed to get over to it, but it skimmed the ground and I couldn't quite bend over that far on the run. I got a slow roller that was a mis-hit a few innings later and ran up, grabbed it, but pulled Sean off of first base to the inside. I warned him of that, and it was an OK throw, just to the side. At least I managed to make a good throw. In the last inning I also picked up a short grounder to the left and started a double play. A close one, but I think we got him and that was good.

Over all a good day, but each side wanted to get 4 pitchers in, so we ended probably playing 10 or 11 innings, moving a little slow and being out there for 3+ hours.

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