Friday, March 11, 2011

Country Life is Fun

It's a beautiful day in Colorado. 60+F today, and I had a great run around the neighborhood at lunch. Tia knocked off work a little early and decided to go pick up Kendall on a horse. Kendall gets a kick out of that, so she got Gemini ready and started down the driveway to meet the bus.

I had the dogs here, who I had to lock in the house so they wouldn't chase her down and upset Gemini. Delaney comes about 15 minutes later, and I wasn't sure what to do. I had his bike in the back of the Prius, but getting the Prius out of the garage without dogs chasing down the yard looked tough. So I loaded up Deuce and Junior, and we headed out, with my hoping Oscar would stay home.

We got to the bus stop and met Delaney, trading his bike for his cello and letting him head home. We met Tia and Kendall at the gate, and the dogs jumped out to walk home with her while I drove home, chasing Delaney who'd passed us while we were chatting.

Life at the ranch is fun. How many other kids get picked up on horses from their bus stop?

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