Saturday, March 12, 2011

Running with my boy

Delaney has a friend coming over today, so he declined to go hiking with Tia and Kendall. They were going to Castlewood Canyon with the dogs to enjoy the 65F day here in CO. I declined as well, thinking I might do a few things around the house and run.

I also made Delaney come run with me, to get him some exercise and get him out of the house. I asked him if he wanted to go from the house or the mailbox and he said house. So we jogged up the driveway and road, and he almost made it, running out of gas near the last neighbor’s driveway. It’s quite a climb, and I know he struggled, but he kept going.

We made it to Kendall’s bus stop, and he had to walk a few times during the run, but he kept jogging again and worked hard. I told him at the end the run hadn’t killed him and he was stronger. He told me he wasn’t sure he was still alive Smile

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