Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ready for Home

A good day at the conference, the chance to eat lunch with a friend, and chat with others. Now time for dinner with a few more friends and hopefully an early night tonight. I have a 7am cab, so I've got to be up again as early as the last few days to head home for one day of chaos and then back on another airplane.

These are good tips, and enjoyables ones. I get the chance to network and bond with people, shake some hands, and buy a few drinks. I used to wonder how much value I get, but the chance to gain other perspectives, get inspired and be forced to think more is incredibly valuable in my work. Especially when it's a bunch of geeks that talk about things that are common and of interest to me.

A long trip, and I almost wish I could be heading home tonight, but it would mess up my evening and I'd be stressed about the flight, so I'll go to sleep and get up for my early flight home.

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