Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A long, long day

I flew yesterday afternoon to Orlando, arriving after 11, and getting to the hotel around midnight. It was an easy flight, with an upgrade to first class that made it go smoother with about 4 glasses of chardonnay.

I hit the sack right away after checking the conference schedule and groaning at the 8am first session. My site is sponsoring a track, which means that I need to be there to meet speakers and people. That means that trying to get in a run so that I'm not jammed up all day means a 6am wake up and run in time to get to breakfast at a reasonable hour.

I made it, but I was beat this morning. I staggered to the fitness center, and woke up after 5-6 minutes in a run, feeling better as I ran. Coffee, some breakfast,and I was ready for sessions. However that only carries you so far. I blogged and tried to pay attention to the sessions, and it mostly worked, but I was feeling a little rundown by the 4:00 session. I worked a touch, then drinks with friends and the speaker's reception that was followed by more drinks.

Great fun, and I enjoy sitting down and talking with friends and people that I'll work with. I built some bonds, did a little networking to meet a few new people, and enjoyed some time, but I was tired. As the evening wore down, I could feel my eyes getting tired and a check in the bathroom mirror showed them to be pretty red. Time to call it a night.

So back to the room, 45 minutes of work, and I'm done. Ready for bed.

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