Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Conference for Kendall

We had Kendall's parent teacher conference today and it went great. She's doing really well, she's enjoying school, and she's really blossomed this year. Her teacher (Delaney's old teacher) loves her and says she's using Kendall as an example for some of the writing work (proud Dad).

Great to see her doing well, hitting grade level on the standardized stuff, and impressing the teacher with her work ethic and attitude.

While we were in there, Kendall was back at the book fair, this time with her wallet and allowance in there. She spent $18 getting two more books, some school supplies that she wanted, and a couple posters for her room. Cool to see her spending money on that stuff and not more toys or stuffed animals. Here she is, getting change back and managing her money.

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