Saturday, October 1, 2016

Senator Clinton or Mr. Trump

I saw a post from someone that noted the USA Today editorial board, never having taken sides before, has said Mr. Trump is unqualified. While I’m not surprised, I also mourn the fact that we have journalistic groups coming out to choose, and further divide, the country.

Spot on. Mr. Trump is the worst representative of a modern, civilized country. He's emotional, unprepared, and petty. Like most of us, which is why most of us are not good leaders. He's also dangerous with the likelihood that he would say or do something rash to embroil us in conflict.

Like me. I'd be a poor President because I'd get upset at something and let it drive a reaction.

Senator Clinton is well prepared, though disingenuous, secretive, and less, but still likely to engage in war after some thought. I think she would use troops quicker than President Clinton did. She's a better, albeit, not great, choice.

I made the mistake of reading and responding to a comment. However, the person made me think a bit. They noted that Trump is being dogged and that America loses if Senator Clinton is elected.

I can’t help but think this is a sign that people are angry, and we are a divided country. However, I don’t agree that we lose. America doesn't lose, and frankly, that's a BS argument made by every side that is down in the polls for decade. Every election is the most important, every time the future of the country is at stake. It's ridiculous, short sighted, and just ignorant hype.

America will continue to struggle and prosper.

Senator Clinton does not have a dark history. She has issues, some things you may not like, but the vast majority of rhetoric and supposed fact against her has not been shown to be even remotely factual. I'm sorry, but I've read reports from investigators, not journalists, on most things and none of it is dark. Perhaps distasteful, but not illegal or anything beyond a dislike by those who oppose her.

The best thing for America is that the Presidency and Congress are under separate control from one party. This is not a conservative country. This is not a liberal country. This a country of all our citizens or all our views. Congress and the White House need to work together to move things forward. That has been lost. We need to find that, and I think a Senator Clinton presidency with a GOP Senate, is the best way to do this. I think the House will be very divided, too even to worry much, but I would hope that with four years we can get two sides to begin working a bit.

We will continue to have waste in government, no matter what. That's the nature of anything at scale. Both the GOP and Democrats are at fault, but certainly they can work to reduce some waste. Electing a GOP POTUS and Congress will not eliminate waste. If you think that, you're deluding yourself. What we need is... I don't know. It's a hard problem. Anyone that thinks there are simple solutions to this is not really thinking deeply about the issues.

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