Thursday, October 13, 2016

More on Mr. Trump

As a response to someone that didn’t like my last post, I decided to write this:

Mr. XXX, I apologize if I've offended you. It wasn't so much a bad day as something I've been thinking about for a few days. However, in researching and learning, I am truly stunned that anyone would think Mr. Trump to be above average intelligent or brilliant in any sense of the word.

So I stand by my statement.

Note that I did not say Mr. Trump supporters were idiots. I didn't say that someone voting for him or thinking he's a better candidate or having confidence in him. There are valid reasons people choose to vote for him, and please, vote how you wish.

I also didn’t say he would not be a good leader, as clearly he mobilizes people behind him and has run successful businesses. I will say I think he’s a poor leader for the country, but that is a very subjective opinion.

However, he shows no great ideas or plans. I can backtrack a bit with the fact that some of the positions on his website are ones you may wish, but Mr. Trump seems to show little to no knowledge of them, beyond a cursory overview. Watching a speech from him is an exercise in amazement and frustration because he cannot form a coherent, organized set of thoughts. At least not without a teleprompter.

Note that I'll also say I think President Obama has issues when he goes off script as well. Many of his "gaffes" have been when he deviates from prepared remarks and gets emotional. I think he is an excellent orator when giving a stump speech. However, President Obama displays intelligent and rational thought, whether you agree or not.

Mr. Trump just does not display intelligent organization or expression of his thoughts. I've felt this way for over 30 years. I went to Trump Tower in late high school or early college with a friend. We made it a point to go to the NYSE and Trump Tower (we made many trips), and we bought "The Art of the Deal" in the Tower. I was impressed with Mr. Trump.

As I read the book, I thought less of his intelligence or even his ability to make deals. I thought more of his shrewd nature in cutting deals, and using his money or power to bribe and bully others into getting work done. While some might be that as smart, I think it's profitable business, what many have done, but also a little too far across the moral line for me. I don't think I need to make $10mm when I can make $5mm and have others happier in the project.

It's why I'm not worth $10mm now. Or 5, for that matter.

However, I digress. Over the years. I think Trump has become a successful businessman, but with many failures to go with successes. He is a braggart and an exaggerator. Not crimes by any means, but distasteful to me. He gets deals done, but his success doesn't seem to be calculated or because of intelligence, but rather because he has a power imbalance on his side. Or he "talks" someone into something. He's a great salesman, and an entertaining actor. While I don't like the Apprentice, he did do well on the program. He's a success.

Just not because of intelligence or necessarily foresight. I think his success is because of determinism to push harder than most. However, that fails as often as it succeeds. Overall, Mr. Trump has improved his positions, so we should acknowledge that.

However, acknowledge that he doesn't turn everything to gold. Mr. Trump is a businessman, with lots of endeavors of mixed success. Like most of the people that I know who have run businesses, they rely on luck and salesmanship as much as intelligence or making great choices.

As such, I do not think he’s remotely qualified for President of the United States. I get some chills just typing out the office and thinking Mr. Trump in there. He’s not measured, thoughtful, considerate, or careful. All qualities I think are very important.

I do not endorse Senator Clinton. I will vote for her if I feel the race in CO is close, but I would prefer not to. This would be a “Fuck Trump” vote, not a vote of confidence in Senator Clinton. I do think she will be an adequate President, and perhaps will be able to work with a more mollified (shocked?) GOP Congress. I do hope that we keep a GOP Senate as a Democratic Senate might swing the country too far to the left. As much as I am progressive in some ways, I am conservative in fiscal areas and think we need to be more efficient and judicious in our spending, but also reduce it.

As to your other “your a fucking idiot” items, they have merit. I will not discuss President Clinton here, but I tend to agree with you. However, his actions seem to speak more of affairs than assault in most cases, and after $100mm+ spent, I have given up that he will spend time in prison for past offenses. But perhaps for future ones.

As to Senator Clinton lying, I don’t quite know how to read this. I think she misled the FBI, and perhaps gets by on technicalities. A failure of our legal system, but I don’t find outrage here because the intersection of technology and government is poorly defined. Where is the bill to clean up our digital communications? There is the State of Our Secrets act, aimed at the State Department, but no progress on it, nor any general bill for Congress. Maybe because Congress doesn’t want to be bound by these rules? No rule for White House and other departments? SCOTUS?

I find it hard to be too upset here as if Senator Clinton can force the FBI to bow to her wishes, then what can we do? If she can actually accomplish all the feats attributed to her, then she’s far better prepared to be President than Mr. Trump, perhaps anyone.

Personally, I think that she is in a position of power, like many business and government leaders, and it is incredibly difficult to indict, much less convict them. I would settle for rules that allow a dismissal from government positions with an indictment, but again, we don’t have that. Too often what we feel to be true, or suspect, can’t be proven. I wish I had a solution, but I can’t agree that Senator Clinton should be behind bars for the email issues. We’ll have to disagree here.

I welcome a coherent and cognizant argument as to why Mr. Trump is a good President, or an above average intelligent person.

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