Sunday, October 9, 2016

I’m Disgusted by Men

Two things I saw today:

The Worst Part of the Trump Tapes

Kelly Oxford Tweet Request

I am sad, disgusted, and maddened. I’ve certainly not always behaved well, but I wouldn’t assault anyone. I wouldn’t force myself on anyone. I don’t even want anyone to ever consider I’d do something like that.

I watched the Trump video from 2005. It wasn’t as bad as I thought ahead of time, which disturbs me. Is it because I wasn’t surprised? Or that the language wasn’t graphic enough? Not sure.

However, two things struck me. First, Billy Bush is a douche-canoe. If he isn’t fired from Access Hollywood, it’s because of his name. He’s should be.

Second, the fact that Trump thinks his position/power/money in life mean that he can assault someone bothers me. I know this is what power does. I’m sure plenty of other men do this, and sadly, women learn to deal and endure this.

I am pissed that I think I need to talk to my daughter about this.

I’ve thought this before. No matter what happens with the election or who wins, America will be fine. However, this is the type of attitude and behavior that makes Trump dangerous and, in my mind, disqualifies him from a public leadership role.

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