Monday, October 17, 2016


I was talking with someone about the election and they mentioned that character is very important to them. This is someone that leans conservative in most aspects of their life. They are thoughtful and considerate, and believe in fairness, honesty, and respect.

This person said Mr. Trump was not the person they would want teaching their children.

This person said Mr. Trump was not they person they’d want running an elementary school.

This person said that Mr. Trump was not someone they could work for.

At every level, every situation, this individual said Mr. Trump failed the character test. He just doesn’t propose, present, and display any aspects of admirable character.

That got me thinking a bit. Character is important, but I want someone that will lead, but in leading, is thoughtful and considering. That weighs their opinions and looks beyond themselves. I think Mr. Trump fails those tests for me.

Senator Clinton is certainly an imperfect candidate. She has enough issues that I question whether she would be a great, or even better than average President. However, she would be an adequate one. She is someone I could work for. Not that I’d choose to, but I could. I don’t know I could say that for Mr. Trump.

Mark Cuban noted that people have come back to work for Senator Clinton. She has worked for the betterment of others, and established a world class charity (not all by herself), and donated plenty of money to charitable causes. She has displayed leadership in the past. Mr. Trump fails most of these tests as well, having often not donated money he’s promised and been more of a bully than a leader. If I’m wrong about that, I’ll gladly take an education here. However, I will say that Mr. Trump convinces people to go along, he has some leadership qualities, although I think those are more from shrewdness or slyness than inspiration. I thought that in 1987 after reading his book, and I think it today.

I don’t want this to seem that I endorse or think Senator Clinton is a great candidate or someone I endorse or advocate for. However, she is the best candidate we have in this election, at this time.

Funny, looking back I think Governor Romney was the better choice over both of these two. Didn’t see that coming four years ago.

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