Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eagle Day

Most of the early afternoon I sat with Delaney and went over his Eagle Scout stuff. We go this report done last night, then we worked on finishing a merit badge and starting his application.

As I went through his list of merit badges, noting the dates, I was impressed. That kid has done a lot. He needs 21 to get his Eagle, including 13 required ones. As of now, he was 22 and there are 4 more to finish. I think 3 are really done and just need counselor sign offs. Then we need to work on one more, but he spent part of the afternoon doing his own bit and knocking off a couple requirements.

We’re really close. After worrying he wouldn’t get there, I’m excited by the final push. I think he is as well, but he’s also ready to put this behind him and just life his life his own way.

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