Monday, March 14, 2016


So I'm slowing as I come to an intersection. There's a large truck, a one ton stopped, waiting to turn left in front of me. He's got a large tractor on a trailer, and I can't see much past him.

I'm slowing, almost stopped as I see a white truck coming towards us down the hill. As the white truck goes through the intersection, a blue car shoots out from right to left. The car was hidden from me be the truck in front. The young girl must have nailed the accelerator as she managed to impact the middle of the flat bed trailer the white truck was towing.

The whole scene was surreal and moved in slow motion. I saw the trailer jump and slide away from me. The blue car jumped and then stuttered across the road. As the white truck continued towards me, the trailer slid into the ditch on the north side. It's a deep ditch, dropping 7 or 8 feet down to a field. I was sure the trailer would go down and maybe pull the pickup over.

However , that didn't happen. The white truck managed to straighten out and pull the trailer back on the road. However the trailer didn't straighten out. Without a left tire, the trailer continued to slide across the road. It missed the vehicle in front of me and just crossed the yellow line to bump the front of my car.

It was a slight impact. No airbags. Barely a jolt to my truck. However decent damage to the front end as well as clipping a coolant hose, straining the coolant under pressure.

So, no one hurt, two cars towed and one trailer towed. And a list couple hours for me.

Now I get to figure out how to get my car repaired, get the insurance stuff handled, and deal with the hassles. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed in a week as I’m gone this weekend for volleyball.

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