Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Kyle left in January for an adventure: yoga training and travel in India. It was exciting and we looked forward to hearing about it. Connectivity was sparse, so we’d get roughly weekly updates, mostly on how hard yoga was.

However he finished the class and passed, being certified as an instructor. An exciting day for us.

Afterwards, he went off traveling with a friend. They went to the Himalayas and saw the Taj Majal. It seemed like quite the adventure.


Money ran tight, his friend got an illness, and they decided to come home early. This week Tia spent some time finding them a cheap flight back, and we heard they landed at O’Hare this morning. They have an afternoon flight scheduled, and we should see Kyle for a few minutes  before Tia, Kendall and I head off to Spokane.

A crazy traveling life for us.

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