Monday, March 28, 2016

Tough Yoga

A good, hard yoga class this morning. All classes were cancelled for Easter, but my favorite instructor, John, had the morning class today. After getting work settled, and leaving a few things for others to do, I headed to the gym.

As usual, I was late, but the class wasn’t full and I managed a nice spot by the wall. I prefer having a wall somewhere around me, with less of a need to manage my reach around others.

This was a good class, different, with more twists and movements than I usually see with John. We also had some shorter, more rapid flows, two moves in a breath. The long flow was good, with a nice standing split in the middle, which I like. I was impressed I could go from a twisted lunge, to a one legged mountain to a standing split a few times with good balance.

Add in a long Eagle arms series and some mixed boat, and I was nice and worn out, and fully sweaty. I felt OK after, but only managed a 1.1mi run after.

Now I hope I can get to another class Friday after my travels.

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