Sunday, March 6, 2016

Crossroads 2016

A long weekend for us all. Kendall had her third Crossroads tournament this weekend, and it ended up a mixed bag for us.

We headed down Friday afternoon, after a hectic morning. My car in the shop, getting a few things to tide Delaney over, and then racing down for Kendall’s 3pm match. The team started off well, going through two easy opponents, winning each match 2-0. Kendall played a little, and had some moments to make plays, but was a bit soft.

The third team was better than us. We managed to hang with them for half a set, 12-12, and then they pulled away. Not much to say, since this was the team that won the tournament. Neither match close.

I’d booked a hotel downtown, so we were able to walk across the street, a quick run for Tia and I, and then get room service before heading to bed. Second place in our pool meant an early start, so we went to sleep, up before 7am.

Saturday was tough. The team didn’t do well, playing the first team really close. We had a chance to win, up twice over 20 points, but let things slip away. Kendall was tight, making a couple errors and got yanked quick with coach yelling at her.

The second set we won, but fell apart in the third and lost. Kendall barely played, and was tense when she did. This team was strong, and ended up 2nd in the tournament.

The team was down, and had a back to back, which they lost. Down two sets, they were a bit dejected during the break. They kept the third team close briefly, but again, we were outclassed. We lost, but that team went on to take 9th.

Sat afternoon I had to come back home for a fundraiser for the high school, so the girls relaxed a bit and tried to enjoy the day. I didn’t get back downtown until 11:30, when they were asleep. However the fundraiser was fun and I’m glad I went.

Today was hard. Kendall got into the first set and did OK, but still not aggressive enough. Coach Tony talked to her and said she needs to do more, and also he doesn’t want her in when she’s not going to do well. Good advice, but hard to hear.

The second match was close, and we should have won. Again, we gave the first set away, won the second (barely) and then lost the third easily. Too few girls, too tense, and not really up to the stress. Kendall didn’t play, which was hard, but it would have been a tough place for her to be in when she’s struggling to find her game.

A long day, not home until after 4. However we did talk about maybe trying something different after volleyball for the summer, something to cross train and shake up her life. We’ll see.

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