Thursday, March 3, 2016

The End of an Era

Last night was the final trip to Denver for the LA Lakers this season. I was tempted to go, and actually priced out tickets a few weeks ago. However most tickets below the nosebleeds were $200+, and even the side seats in the far upper deck were $70-80+. A bit too pricey, given the time involved and the likelihood I wouldn’t get much shot at watching the reason I wanted to go.

This was Kobe Bryant’s last game in Denver. His last season, and he’s someone I’ve been a fan of for his whole career. I remember watching him start with the Lakers back in Va Beach and then grow into a star early in my time in Denver. Those events help me mark time, and I can still remember working on the playset outside for the kids in Highlands Ranch, listening to the Lakers/Kings playoffs on the radio. Coming inside to see highlights when the crowd roared.

I had the chance to see Kobe twice. Once in Denver, in row 8 when a friend took me. I also splurged to see him in Charlotte, a loss, but an exciting one where he battled with an injured Gasol against a young Bobcat team that probably had the game of the season. On business, with time to kill, I arrived to watch warmups, in row 3 beneath the basket, watching from a pricey seat, but one where I really enjoyed the game.

Instead of going yesterday, I picked up Kendall, watched her run through a good private lesson, hitting well. Then we came home, I ran, and watched the last few minutes of the game. Checking the box score, I saw Kobe barely played, 11 minutes, and did little. He’s past his prime, hurting a bit, and not the player he once was. It was a much better decision to go with Kendall, and I know I enjoyed watching her more than Kobe.

A somewhat sad day. I probably won’t see Kobe again, and I wish him well. I’m sure he’s fine, and I’m glad I have many memories of his amazing career entertaining me over the years.

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