Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pacific Northwest Qualifier

It’s been a long weekend. In Spokane for the Pacific Northwest Qualifier tournament. We arrived a day early due to flight schedules and I spent all day Thursday working, and part of Friday, before the tournament begin Friday Night.


The pictures are in somewhat reverse order, but I’m too tired to mess around. Friday was interesting. We played a weak team, easily beating them, before being tested by another team. It was tough and Kendall only played a little in the matches, but I thought she did well.


The team struggled. A win, then a close loss with a protest and a yellow card for our coach. Tensions high, but we ended up 1-1, and went for a late crossover game around 8.


The crossover was tough. The team lost and somewhat gave up, so most of the starters were pulled in the second set. Kendall and some of the non-starters did well, getting the game close, before some starters came in to win it and close the day 2-1.


That meant a late start Saturday, which was fine with all of us. We got there, starting off against the #1 ranked team.


Kendall’s team played well. They won the first set, close, 26-24, with again, some contested calls. We had the head ref even come to our game. The second set was a loss, and then a close, but lost third set. Still, some of the best volleyball by these girls.


We had some long breaks before our second match, where we beat the team ranked ahead of us. It looked like we’d be in the gold bracket for today.


However, the team kind of messed around, mistakes made, and they lost to the team below us in the pool that we should have beaten. Ugh.


Girls cranky, parents cranky, and a late night crossover playoff to resolve seeding. Parents ended up going to a bar to have a drink while the girls waited, which was good. I needed that.


The late game was late, starting at nearly 10. We played close, but just couldn’t get going. Kendall didn’t play much, and starters made lots of mistakes. We ended up losing a close one to go into the Silver bracket today.


This morning was early, heading to play at 9. We got there and had an easy first match.


Too easy. We killed them in the first, and starters went through the second, letting the team get close because they slacked off.


However Kendall didn’t play (nor did 2 other girls), which is annoying with a weak opponent.


She was disappointed, but she said something to the coach, which we liked.


She didn’t make the first set of the second match, but she started the second and did well. She saved a few balls.


Her serving was perfect, 6 or 7 in across a few attempts, but again, too many mistakes from starters that cost the game.


We ended up 15th, and of course, when I got close, no pictures allowed.


A long, somewhat frustrating weekend, but I did talk to the coach and made an argument for more chances for Kendall, so we’ll see in the next few weeks.

Now to get her motivated to work hard at practice.

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