Monday, January 6, 2014

Volleyball Tournament

It was a friendly this past Saturday, meaning that we played teams for fun, not for any ranking. They kept score, but mostly so there was some bound around the game. It didn’t mean much, though as kids are known to do, the girls were excited when they won.


And they did win. Only 8 of our 9 girls were there, but it worked out fine. They were sitting around together at lunch above.

Kendall plays on the 13 Elite team, which is the top team. The teams that were playing Saturday were:

  • 12 Elite
  • 13 Elite
  • 13 National (B or 2s team)
  • 14 National

Since many girls hadn’t played before, this was a chance to get them familiar with the format and duties at the tournaments. First up was getting them to line up, in numerical order, and walk out to wave at judges and crowds. In our practice facility we’re at the ends of the court, but normally we’d be along the sides.


Then play began. Early, too early, but we made it. We had to be there at 8, first game at 9. The girls had a chance to warm up while parents sipped coffee and everyone got some rules and code of conduct talks.

The first game was 13E v 12E. The 12s practice alongside us during the week and while they aren’t bad, they aren’t really any match for the 13s. Our team is strong and we ran away with the first game, 25-12 or so, and while there was a stretch in the second game where the 12s got up by 3 or 4, we came back to win in a similar lopsided fashion.

Kendall plays front row, which means she’s up front on the left, rotating to the right, and then usually comes out when she rotates to serve, or she’ll serve, but rotate out before she’s playing defense in back. You can see her below in the center.


She likes center hitter, but sometimes she switches outside. The first game had her in center, which was good, but she was outside hitter in the second two matches. Here she’s switching to the spot she likes.


After the first match, Kendall had lines and a break during the next hour and I went to get coffee. I got back to watch the second match, against the 13N team. They weren’t better and there were 2 lopsided wins again for the 13E team. Then Kendall had lunch there, but I left to run an errand and get lunch. I hadn’t packed my own lunch, more worried about Kendall, so I had to go out.

I came back for the match against the 14N team, watching with Tia who made it through the snow. It should have been a better test, but we saw the 12E win a game on the 14s before the 14s took the match. We weren’t too worried about the 14s. They’re bigger, all reaching above the net, and can hit hard, but they don’t always get into position to make hits and they certainly make mistakes.

The games were closer, but Kendall’s team took both of them again to finish the day 6-0. They looked good, and while they weren’t that tested, they picked up some good digs and saves, worked together, and had some good hits. I got a little video of Kendall serving and hitting. I liked how she used the time before her serve (a ref delay) to practice, and her hitting looks good.

Kendall Hitting and Serviing


All in all, a good, but long day. I can see how the tournaments will wear us out. Especially as I’ll be coming home some Saturday nights before heading out early on Sunday.

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