Sunday, January 26, 2014

Power #1

The Power tournaments rank the girls in volleyball, and today was the first one. We were up at 6, after 4 hours of sleep for me, and headed up north. We were excited to see how things would go.

The first game started OK, with Kendall sitting on the bench to open, but a few plays in, one of our hitters turned an ankle. She came out, and Kendall went in. Now we were down to 8 players in an 8 player rotation.

Kendall did OK, some hits, some touches on blocks, but overall the team made mistakes and led the second game (after losing the first), but gave it away on mistakes. The second match was right away and they lost that as well. After a break, they never really competed in the third, though they didn't get blown out. I think most games were around the 25-15 or 25-20 range.

Lots of mistakes all around, and we'll drop out of the top division now. However I don't think our team is really ready to compete with these other teams yet. They seem to cover the court better, and certainly hit better. It's within reach, but we need work.

Afterwards we heard the girl that got hurt (Audrey) has a broken bone in her foot. Ugh. Not good for the team, but it does mean Kendall needs to step up and play harder since they're down to 8 players and that's the rotation they run.

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