Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two Days of Volleyball

Boy, I'm tired. Yesterday I got up at 4:50, took Delaney to Elizabeth to drop him off for a Scout trip. I had to go early to get him oatmeal and batteries before they left. Once he was set, I headed home, grabbed Kendall, and then drove down to Monument for her first tournament.

We weren't sure what to expect, and it was interesting. A large, 4 court building in the foothills, on a beautiful day. The girls had the second game at 9, but it didn't start at 9.  Instead, as soon as the match before them finished, they were warming up. Tia had to feed horses and grab salads for girls, so she was late and missed the first match. It wasn't much, with our girls winning 2 games easily to take the match. Kendall sat the first, and then rotated in the second, getting a couple hits.

The plan was a break and then on again. The games ran quick again, and the second match, scheduled for 11, went off around 10. Again the girls played well, with Kendall getting a few nice hits, a couple mistakes, but not bad and another win. We were a little overconfident I think because the third match was tough.

We played a New Mexico team that beat us. It was close, but they beat us and that was tough. We played a tight second game and won to cause a third. The girls were really tight in the third game and it wasn't close. No tears, but they were upset. Kendall didn't play in the third match, being one of the newest girls to club volleyball.

It was a long drive home, but Kendall was OK. She understands she's learning, and also that this was a tough match to be in. I think she might have been a little relieved.

Today we were up early again. I had ordered sandwiches from Safeway, and Tia took Kendall down while I got the food and met her. We had an easy win the first match, and then played a team for the chance to be one of the two top seeds for the tournament. We played them close in the first game, which was encouraging. While watching them play earlier, we thought they were much better than us. We played well and took the second easily, by 10 points to set up a third. At 13-13, we just made a few mistakes and lost, but it was a good match for the girls. Kendall got in both the 2nd and 3rd games and played as well as the others. Some mistakes, some good things.

We moved to the tournament portion in the afternoon, playing the 4th place team in the other division (we were 3rd) and going down early, but winning both going away. That puts us in an early game tomorrow for 5th place in the tournament. We were a few points, a few less service errors from being in the top 4.

An experience for sure.

Tiring and exhausting. I came home to 3mi walks both days as the dogs were cooped up all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be shorter and better.

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