Friday, January 3, 2014

A Great Day at Keystone

After our Christmas Day skiing adventure, we decided on another one yesterday. Kyle had the day off, so I switched my vacation and Tia moved lessons so we could all go up. It was a slow start, but we got going and drove up on a beautiful, calm, sunny day. A little chilly in the 20s, but I felt great once we got going.

We split up at first since the boys wanted to do some blues and Kendall wasn’t ready. I took her and we did a nice run down Schoolmarm. She was doing great, and didn’t fall once. We stopped at the lift 2/3 of the way down and came back up.


We did that again, and she only had one fall. It wasn’t bad, and not really her fault. She was coming and doing her S-turns and a lady turned towards her (below her) as she was coming around. She made a quick turn back, and would have missed the lady if they lady had not panicked and stopped. Kendall was almost stopped, but bumped into her and they both went down. Fortunately everyone was OK.

It looked like Tia and the boys had fun, and we met them up for lunch.


Afterwards Kendall said she’d try a blue, so we picked an easy one and went down. She did well. A couple falls, but not bad and she was fine. We did one more green and she was done. With a little money, she went off to find a fire and coffee while the 4 of us went up.


Delaney’s become quite a good snowboarder, and was going fast. I kept up with him, faster than I wanted with my knee, but not bad. We traded leads, getting 2/3 of the way down one of the faster blues, but it was icy. At one point we stopped, waiting for Tia and Kyle and I snapped the picture. After 5-10 minutes, we got worried and were texting. Tia said they were fine and to just go.

Too icy for them and I understand. I hit a big patch of ice at one point and almost wiped out. Delaney saw me and slowed down, avoiding it. Once we heard from them, Delaney and I headed down, and back up, racing down again in the early evening and lights. It was definitely more challenging going down at night, which felt funny. I skied at night so much in college but don’t like it now. I guess because I can’t see well.

A good day, though a sore knee that ached on the drive home. I sat in bed with a heating pad while Tia and the boys went to a movie.

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