Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years

Not as quiet as I wanted, but not too busy a night. After a day of work for me and Tia, we headed to Dave and Busters to meet friends for dinner and games. It was quiet, and once again kids can stay all night, but we had already planned to knock off early, so we did. We ate, chatted, played some games, and then it was time to head back around 10:45.

We stopped off at a friend's house, where it was quiet. 4 couples (I think) and a bunch of kids, but tame and subdued. We played a little Taboo and had a couple drinks. The kids hung out, but after awhile, Delaney wanted to play pool, so I went down with him and we shot a few games. I taught him a game I remembered from being a kid, where we put 9 in the center and a ball at each pocket. It was a fun game, and challenging.

As I showed Delaney a few tricks, he started to get the hang of shooting and got better. His early frustration started to become some pride as he made shots. Kendall joined us for a bit and we all played a little until about 1 when we headed home.

A good night and fun, but late. I was glad I got to sleep in today.

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