Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Different Day

Yesterday was ski day for Tia and I. I dropped off kids at school, with Kendall going to a friend after and Delaney ready to walk home. We headed up to the mountains, intent on a ski day this week before our 2 day adventure at Vail next week.

It was windy as we headed up and we were a little worried. However it was clear, and we thought we'd stick to more sheltered trails. However as we got to the Eisenhower tunnel, traffic stopped. It was windy, snow coming down making visibility bad, and the tunnel was likely closed because the Loveland pass was closed. When that happens, traffic stops both ways for big trucks to go through alone in case of issues. With I-70 having a lot of traffic, this can result in lots of delays.

Tia was a little worried about the poor visibility as she gets motion sick (she bailed on me last year one day) and also about falling. I was slightly worried as well as I didn't want to get hurt either. We were at the Loveland exist, so we pulled over for a minute to talk and decided to bail. We could have a day together, without chancing injury.

So we drove back. A quick stop for lunch near our old house in Highlands Ranch and then we went to see a movie. American Hustle was the choice, which Tia saw with the boys last week, but loved it. I enjoyed it, and it wasn't what I expected. I'll have to watch it again on video some day as I had to duck out 2 times to use the restroom. The Fitbit and water are getting to me at times.

Afterwards we headed home, split up to each run an errand with a kid, and then grabbed Delaney to come to town. We told him we'd watch Lone Survivor with him, but we wanted to do yoga first. It was Tia's first yoga class back and it was good, though hard. Lots of twists, which are tough. I was going to try side crow, but I couldn't even imagine how I'd get my legs up and balanced. Maybe another time.

Afterwards the first show was sold out, but we drove to another theater, got their early, stood in line, joking with each other, and saw an amazing movie. I'd seen an interview with the real guy, and it was amazing. People were talking at times, but I was enthralled. I knew the whole story and most of the sequence, but it was still amazing. Touching photos of those lost at the end and applause from the audience.

A great day.

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